Waiving of Fines for Overdue Items

The Indian Trails Library District does not waive fines for overdue items unless there are extenuating circumstances. Please renew or return items by the due date listed on the checkout receipt.

To ensure all members have equal access to library materials, the library has a borrowing policy that addresses overdue fines. When signing up for a library card, all members agree to return or renew materials on time or pay any late fines that accumulate. Accounts with excessive fines may be blocked and members will be required to resolve any overdue fines before borrowing privileges are reinstated.

Email Notifications

The library sends notification emails for items coming due as well as overdue notifications.

Spam filters, computer programs or utilities designed to eliminate "junk" email, occasionally block email library notices that are sent out by Indian Trails Library District. If you have signed up to receive email library notices and are using a spam filter, you may not receive these notices. To ensure that the notices from the library are not blocked, add indiantrailslibrary.org to your filter or contact your email provider's technical support. The library is not responsible if email notifications are not received and will not waive fines if you do not receive your email notices.

Paying Fines

Fines may be paid

  1. In person at the Member Services Desk on the first floor (cash or check),

  2. At self checkout stations (credit or debit cards).

Payment Plans

The library is happy to work out a payment plan with members who are unable to pay overdue fines. Please contact Rosa Lloyd,Circulation Services Manager, at 847-279-2208, or rlloyd@indiantrailslibrary.org to make an appointment to discuss payment arrangements.

Appeal of Fines

Members who desire consideration for an appeal of fines due to extenuating circumstances may file an appeal. Please complete the Library Fine Appeal Form, which is also available at the Check Out Desk. You may be asked to provide documentation in order to expedite the appeal process.

Renewing Items

  1. By phone during library hours: 847-459-4100, ext. 1.

  2. By 24-hour automated phone: 847-465-1836

  3. In person at any service desk

  4. Online at My Account

In certain situations, you may be unable to renew items because

  1. another member has requested the material,

  2. you have exceeded your renewal limits,

  3. your library card has expired,

  4. items previously returned are incomplete or damaged.

NOTE: When an item is successfully renewed AFTER its due date, a fine will still be assessed to your account up to the date you renewed.